Tunnel Rush [Unblocked]

Computer Controls:

  1. Move Left and Right: Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to control the movement of your ball or object through the tunnel.
  2. Speed Boost: Some versions of Tunnel Rush allow you to activate a speed boost by pressing the “Spacebar” or another designated key. This can help you navigate through tight spaces or avoid obstacles.
  3. Pause/Menu: Press the “P” key or the “Esc” key to pause the game and access the menu. This allows you to restart the game, adjust settings, or quit the game.

Mobile Controls:

  1. Tilt Device: On mobile devices, you typically control your ball or object by tilting your device left or right. This simulates the left and right movement within the tunnel.
  2. Tap to Boost: Tapping the screen often activates a speed boost, helping you navigate through obstacles more quickly.
  3. Pause/Menu: To pause the game and access the menu on mobile, look for an on-screen pause button or menu icon, often located in the top corner of the screen. Tapping it will bring up options like restarting the game, adjusting settings, or quitting the game.